Chapi Chapo


..makes me so happy.

The music alone is enough. I could listen to it all night (esp. the longer version with the tap dancing at the end). But then add the creepiness factor, the color palette and the cursive titles, and the nostalgia factor, and it's all over but the cryin'. Plus, I'm nearly certain that the credits must have been designed by Michel Oliver who wrote a cookbook I got at the Campbell-Neumann sale last month.

So I've watched it about a half a dozen times doing Nancy Drew style handwriting analysis.

Here are a few others that make me nearly just as happy:

Hattytown: Sancho and his 'special friend' Carrots the donkey in a town of oversized hat shaped buildings. Premiered 1968.

Magic Roundabout: Created in France in 1963. Also appeared before the BBC evening news in the late 60's.

Picture Pages: Bill Cosby can do no wrong in my book. Picture Pages originated on Captain Kangaroo, but there's no way his was as good.

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  1. So let me just say this: I've been on jury duty for the last several weeks, and it's been really, really hard. Today esp. So to come home feelin all stressed out and to be reminded of picture pages (I had forgotten all about it) as well as to be introduced to odd little French children's claymations (or whatever) really put a smile on my face. And recently, that's not been very easy.