I've been sick all weekend. So I'm at home feeling sorry for myself - mainly because my internet has been spotty - so what's a girl to do? Read?
All I wanted to do today was surf the interweb and post here and watch the last season of LOST online.
Instead I'm curled up in the fetal position with a roll of toilet paper (or what I like to call:kleenex) hacking up digusting-ness and listening to dramatic, literate, brooding music (or what I call: polly jean harvey) on my computer. Told you I was feeling sorry for myself...
But since I have connection right now, I may as well share something other than just whines and complaints!

The Nut Tree: In the early 20's, it started off as a fruit stand off the highway, but when the highway turned into an Interstate, it became a popular rest stop between Sacramento and San Francisco and the Nut Tree grew fast. From 1953-56 with the help of designer Don Birrell, the Nut Tree turned into a restaurant, an outdoor eatery, a bakery, a gift shop, a toy shop, an airport and had a small gas-powered train which offered rides. He also brought Eames chairs to the toy shop, and at one point, Nut Tree was the only retailer on the West Coast for Eames furniture. Birrell even designed how the food was plated in the restaurant.

The old Nut Tree was demolished in 1996 and the new Nut Tree USA includes a Best Buy and Old Navy. I bet it's beautiful.

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