Tracy Wormworth

Did you know that the bass player from the waitresses is now the bassist for the Rosie O'Donnell House Band??? She played with the B52's and Sting too.

I think I'm going to be a waitress for Halloween. I already have the costume. Makes it easy.

Did you know that Stephen Stills is from Dallas Texas?
He is. And he wrote a song that is on
this album. (if you ever come across it for less than $10, I want it.)
He also auditioned for the Monkees but he looked too old.

In other news...

*I bought myself flowers today.
*Apparently I also color coordinate the items in my refrigerator.
*And I had no idea how easy it is to cook a potato in a microwave.

Oh, and yes, I've seen the Meg White video, and no, I don't think that's her.

p.s. If you didn't click on the Rosie O'Donnell link, you might want to do so now.


  1. 1-Do you mean she was the bassist on the old Rosie O'Donnell show? Or does Rosie O'Donnell have a new show? Or is Rosie O'Donnell so rich and eccentric that she has a band in her house?
    1A-Just how often do you check Ms. O'Donnell's flicker page anyway?

    2-A waitress as in a server at a restaurant, or a waitress as in a member of a one-hit wonder band from the 80s?

    3-Hopefully only for the admittedly excellent cover art and not the music.

    4-I bought myself some potatos and cooked a flower in the microwave.

    5-Oh, to be an aesthete.

    6-Why do I get the distinct impression the mentioning of the Meg White video was done purely for my benefit? Am I just being narcissitic? (For the record, I think it's a fake too.)

  2. 1. I didn't know her show was canceled. Does that have something to do with Donald Trump? She must be in her literal "house" band.
    1a. That was my first and last time.

    2. Server. Frankie and Johnny style. yawn I know.

    3. Why, have you heard it?

    4. kik (look it up)

    5. yeah, sure. Is that like someone who doesn't believe in god or something?

    6. nail on the head. Why do I get the distinct impression that this blog is just a back handed way for us to email each other.

    Btw, did you watch the video I posted on 9/7/07? If not, will you?

    I am off to the State Fair of Texas. (Ask me to post photos - so I wont seem so blatantly narcissistic. Or at least, no more than usual.)

  3. How bizarre that Rosie has such an easily accessible flickr page... and that you would even WANT to nuke a potato (though nuking halfway then baking for the rest isn't bad). What other somewhat famous people have flickr pages?

    Mo food news: we made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches/paninis/smashed sandwiches in our waffle iron. I HIGHLY recommend it. I'd love to try the $8.95 sandwich in it but have no idea where to get olive bread in these here parts.

    Can't wait to see the fair pics!!!