Joan Walsh Anglund for Playboy

Or at least something like that.

Friday was the Campbell-Neumann Sale, and my first experience going on the first (and full price) night. I bought a handful of things I really didn't need : vintage aprons, a postcard with a first day of issue LBJ stamp, and a couple of wooden little bobble head figures.
But I also got three things that I love:
  • A silly bull bell

  • A precious over sized cookbook with this great cursive writing, fantastic colors and wonderful illustrations.
  • A glass jar w/ lid ash tray engraved with young lovers and the word 'cigarettes' in cursive.

I went back and forth over the ashtray because it had a small chip and was $5. Usually the chip wouldn't stop me, but I'm trying not to allow anything imperfect/broken into my house. However, if I pick something up and it and I smile or giggle, I feel like I owe it to myself to buy it. This ashtray made me giggle. So I got it. All said in done I think I spent $24. Which is more than I've ever spent there, but no regrets.

Once I got home I found information on the cookbook right away. There's even two others in the series.
It took me about 3 hours - way longer than usual - to figure out who made the ashtray. I got swayed because the etchings reminded me of another ceramic designer who I really like-Bjorn Wiinblad. So I thought maybe the ashtray was from denmark too. I finally found Raymond Peynet and Rosenthal after searching: "glass ashtray etched couple cigarettes lovers" and this came up. (btw/fyi - Wiinblad designed for Rosenthal too)

I've yet to find another ashtray like mine, but discovering a new artist/designer that I like has been a thrill. I wont have to fight collecting this stuff too much, because I have to admit, the young lover 'male's' hat and hair kind of gives me the creeps. But I really love Peynet's illustrations. Clean simple sweet but sexual and silly. Marc Chagall meets "Love is..." With birds and cupids and hearts and snails and tulips. Maybe I do at least need this plate and this book. Oooh, and maybe this dish to round things out.

Meanwhile I'll be eating a heel of white bread with cream cheese for dinner tonight and three day old cake for breakfast tomorrow. But I still smile every time I look at those to lovers sharing a cigarette.

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