Mmmm.... Color

I just wanted to post something pretty so that horrifying caterpillar from the previous post would stop staring me down.
I'm a big fan of Steven Harrington. Especially this print:

It like an Alexander Girard Memory Card Game.

Unrelated - this is sorta interesting. I gotta get to work.


  1. I wish I still had the memory cards you gave me. I wish I was in Austin sippin the queso off a chip.

  2. I wish you were too! Where have you been I haven't talked to yoou in ages!

    Hey I'm about 10 min from posting something you gotta check out.
    Just in queso you've never seen it.

  3. Hey Mac - nacho average comment:
    I wish you were available to chat right now. I think I exposed my big toe again - almost drowned looking for ducks in Central Park, etc.

    1. Do you like the stills? - they're sooo wearing their girlfriends pants and have their mom's haircut, but kind of a guilty pleasure for me. (echo and the bunnymen are the new velvet underground.)

    2. Have you heard the new: New Pornographers, or Eisley records?

    3. Can you suggest a song that would make me as happy as "grazing in the grass" by friends of distinction?