Lurking in my yard, and old photos

Firstly I wanted to point out that this is why I couldn't sleep the other night.
The size of a ball park frank - I kid you not. eeeew. eeeeeeew.

Jim Henson at his most fantastical couldn't come up with something like what was hanging out in my back yard. eeeeeeewww!

That, and some other warm blooded creature, who I envisioned looking like this, was lurking in a dark corner of my yard, "purring."

I ventured closer, puffing myself up with a deep, "who goes there?" and a quivering beam of light from my pocket sized flashlight. (my dad would be so disappointed. "Always have a decent flashlight on hand!")

Anyway, turns out to be a couple of raccoons. I dunno what they were doing over there, (I think maybe it was a baby who got lost or something ) but I had a little talk with them about being more considerate next time. Nearly scared me half to death.

Speaking of my dad. I wanted to share this photo I came across tonight while cleaning.

Pretty cute huh. Ignore the mark on my face. Photoshop isn't opening on my computer for some reason. My favorite part is the pistol on my dad's side. So very Texas.

Here's another. It's of me with my grandpa.
Yep. I'm in a bag.

Check out how cool my gran'pa looks. I was the oldest grandchild, so I got to name him. I chose "Man". There's a story, but I won't bore you.
I never really knew him - died a couple years after this photo. I love the way the brass looks on the mirror and bed post.
mmmm... golden fantasy.


  1. Is that a caterpillar? Just how big was that thing? Looks like it's two feet long.

    Given that raccoons have thumbs and you live in Texas, I'm a bit surprised that they weren't packing heat. Be more careful next time.

    The pics of you with dad and granddad are really great. So cute. I seem to recall you being substantially taller though.

  2. Yes! It was seriously - the size of a twinkie.

    I know. Thumbs. eeew. Like tiny ebony human hands. And that sound bite really is of a raccoon.

    I want to see a picture of you when you were 18 months - 2 years old. Gawd I bet you were a cute baby. Do you remember your grandparents?

  3. Both great photos. Love the aged look of the one with your Dad and the notion of traveling by carried bag sounds kind of nice these days.

  4. What the hell kind of freakish caterpillar is the size of a twinkie? And what kind of mutant moth/butterfly does it turn in to? Is it possible this was some kind of Pokemon?


    I probably was a cute baby but my parents never bothered to take any pictures. I was their third kid and the magic had worn off.

  5. And yes, I do remember my grandparents. My maternal grandfather least,as he died when I was five. We were living in Taiwan at the time so I didn't even go to the funeral. (My mom did.) My paternal grandfather is still alive and, in fact, just turned 90.

  6. Michael. Can we somehow work rad( random ) photo's into the Wiskerino this year? Jessica Your Dad's beard( and pistola) are worthy of some praise on a grand scale. You with your sweetness in tow, and your dad with his.