I can't sleep. So I'm having popcorn in a pyrex bowl and a ginger ale and reading about the fantastical world of Braniff Airlines. Boy, I'll tell you what. One of the most thrilling things in life is discovering something you knew nothing about, but that has been there your whole life.
How is it possible that I've never even heard of Braniff?

I discovered them while researching my new favorite designer Alexander Girard. His work brings my hand to my chest with a deep sigh. I wish I could make it to the SFMOMA to see the exhibition of his works.

Girard's design for La Fonda del Sol in New York City is absolutely incredible. He wasn't just the interior designer - he singlehandedly invented a distinct atmosphere for the restaurant. He designed everything- the tables, dishes, glassware, napkins, salt shakers, signs, menus, matchboxes, ashtrays and uniforms. As far as I can tell his only collaboration was with Eames who designed the chairs.

I kinda just can't even stand it - how much I love his stuff. It encompasses so much of what I'm drawn to - he's a modernist, but it's softened with colorful Mexican folk art, a passion for bold color, simple shapes and typography, a Swedish design influence, wooden toys, hearts! (mary blair-ish too, see below) It's just so sweetly joyful. I love love love it! Apparently so much so that I'll have to wait to post about Braniff. The birds are chirpin' and I gotta get to work!


  1. Oooh, I love that Girard stuff!! I'd never seen it before.

    p.s. I am now a part of this google world, because I had to make an account with them to leave this comment. Here I come, gmail!

  2. i remember flying braniff a few times when i was a kid. it was back in the day when airlines just gave you free stuff, and my siblings and i played many a round of crazy 8's with a withered braniff deck. i vaguely remember hearing they we going under and not really understanding how that was possible. to my child mind the idea that something so big as braniff could just stop existing didn't make sense to me. but i think after two tries or so, it stuck, and braniff was no more. years later i almost died laughing when at the end of the first episode of south park they threw up the braniff logo at the end. do they still do that? probably. it was damn funny. now i'm wondering if i should go read up on braniff or just wait for your next post about them... decisions, decisions...

  3. Damn you're Lucky. Do you still have that deck of cards???
    Thanks for the reminder. I'll get on top of the Braniff posting.