So... the thing is... this is my 100th posting. Which may not seem like a big deal to anyone else. But. I dunno, I kinda wanted to celebrate it a little. Like a posting where I listed a hundred sensational, inspiring things or something - Or maybe even a list of which AFI's 100 top movies I haven't seen (Lawrence of Arabia, Bridge on the River Kwai, The Maltese Falcon...)

But instead, here's something simple.
The cover story for Vanity Fair.

And man, as amazingly funny as all these women are, it's downright sad how difficult it is to find a decent clip of any of them, but I tried... (and please add to this?)

In other news...

I really really really want a pair of wayfarers. Like authentic Ray Ban honest to goodness Wayfarers. Breakfast at Tiffany's style.

Thanks for reading everyone. 100th posting. It's official.


  1. Happy 100th post! I think I'm on my 20th or some sad number.

    LOVED the clips...far more than the article they were inspired by (but pretty close in the running with those photographs from the mag). I. Love. Kristin. Wiig. (or however her name is spelled)

  2. Hooray for 100! Amy HATES Kristen Wiig. Me, I just wanna have relations with most of those gals.

    Is it ironic or not that Annie Liebovitz shot the cover given her involvement with Susan Sontag? Sontag was a woman of many virtues but she was about as funny as a slab of plaster.

    Also, given that this is a blog, I'd like to see you start making reference to Doughy Pantload