Girl Crushin'

Yé-yé was a style of pop music that emerged out of France and Québec in the early 1960s. It was France's answer to British invasion and American girl groups.

I love British Invasion.

I love American Girl Groups.

I love cute sweet sexy French women.

I love yé-yé.

I really want to find Francoise Hardy, The "Yeh-Yeh" Girl from Paris or on vinyl for less than $25.00. Keep your eyes out for it won't you?

Links for more:
Yé-Yé Girls
Yé-Yé Land
Les Chanteuses

Wow. I just searched for The Yeh-Yeh Girl from Paris again, and my friend's amazing podcast came up! He's going to give it to me, so you can stop looking. heh. Thank you Daniel!


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  2. I'm not very big on either British Invasion or American Girl Groups (It should go without saying that I'm quite fond of cute sweet sexy French women*), but I love ye-ye. Or, at least in theory. I haven't heard too much of it outside of Chantal Goya in Masculin,Feminin.

    *French actresses are the most beautiful in the world, but why are all so small-busted?

  3. I dunno... can we really call Brigitte Bardot "small-busted?"

    I just watched the season finale of Rock of Love, soo compared to Daisy (who I fell in love with - total wreck:stripper, "nightmare before christmas" sleeve tattoo,boob job and that weird collagen lip thing, teenage runaway...)I mean, compared to her - anyone is small busted, but...

    BTW, I have no idea who Doughy Pantload is - you read the NYT - fill me in. I, for the first time in close to a year, feel like I'm running out of material for this thing- or at least, feel uninspired to share. I may give it up at the year mark, not sure yet. I still remain hopeful that it is just a phase.

    Other news...still planning on NY in June, and my sister is trying to convince me that a 4 day weekend is not long enough to visit her in CT and catch up with friends. She may be right. But really it's just you, sky,sope and mark, and I had a two hour ichat with sope over the weekend - so maybe she's had enough of me anyway.

    Not sure where I'll stay either. The b.f. would like to come (I'd love that too) and it changes the whole couch surfing aspect. sigh. We'll see...

    I rented Michael Clayton on itunes last night and I just realized it's probably expired now. hmmm... haven't decided how I feel about irentals yet.

    I really do have some-things to mail you to celebrate how proud I am of your one month no smoking mark. If I'm not careful it'll become your Birthday present instead. Did I tell you? the two people I work with are both tauruses. I love them too.

  4. I think Bardot tricks you into thinking her chest is heavier than it is-I doubt she's above a B-cup. Isn't she also a fascist? By which I mean a supporter of neo-fascist parties? Which brings us to "Doughy Pantload." It's the nickname liberal bloggers have given to the conservative pundit, Jonah Goldberg. Mr. Pandload recently published a book called "Liberal Fascism" in which he claims Woodrow Wilson, the New Deal and the student protesters in the 60s were all fascist. Also, he claims Hitler was left-wing.

    Shame on you for watching Rock of Love. Sometimes I think you tell me these things just so I'll snob out on you.

    What do you mean "running out of material?" What about all those great topics I gave you a while back? Do you need me to ghost write it for a bit until you're back on your feet? (I have to warn you, thre will probably be more profanity and mentions of anal sex.)

    When in June, by the way? Also, do you know my mom and Sope hang out?

    Six weeks without smoking today. Want me to help you quit? It will involve a lot of berating and childish name-calling. Possibly some light slapping.

  5. I'm gonna leave the breasts of French actresses alone. Not something I should spend time researching. I will say however that I think Brigitte's are plenty ample.

    Would you really ghost write for me? That'd be awesome. But if you mention fascists, nobody would buy that it's me... I barely know what the word means.I remember looking it up around the same time I looked up "misogynist" because I kept getting it confused with "masochist".

    I'm planning on coming to new york for the mermaid day parade, duh. Will you keep your ears posted for sublets or something? - Oh, and yes, Sope and I did discuss how she hangs out with your mom but not you.

    I'm real, real proud of the six week mark. No small feat. Congratulations. I, on the other hand am up to (or down to) approximately half a pack a day, and am proud of myself for the days I don't smoke in my car or chew nicorette instead of having my a.m. cigarette. Small steps. But, no, thank you - I'm not ready for the slaps or childish name calling.

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