More Alexander Girard

Oh my gosh. I want them I want them I want them!

FLOR is about to release an Alexander Girard line and I can't wait to see it tile by tile. (Maybe I'll be able to afford at least one for my wall - I mean there's no way I would walk on these.)

I just cannot get enough of him. He encompasses everything that I love about design. Bright color, simple lines, inspired by folk art, modern and sleek but but still comfortable, intimate and playful. He and Mary Blair can absolutely do no wrong in my book.

Here are some images from the amazing site, which is all about the restaurant he designed in 1961. (Gosh, have I already posted about this???) He designed everything from the wall hangings to the dishware - and it's all fantastic.

Look - that's a paper plate that transforms magically. Even the directions are pretty.
He designed the chair and the fabric. (He was the head of the Herman Miller Furniture Company textiles division in the 50's).
A menu. I can't say for sure - but I think it's the size of a record album.

The bottom of a glass. Could you just die?

One day, I'd like to visit the Museum of International Folk Art and see the collection of 10,000 pieces from the Girard Foundation Collection. Oh, and yeah, apparently I have already posted about him. Probably not the last time either...

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