Which one should I get?

These are all Etsy finds under $30. I think Etsy is real neat. Have you been there?


  1. OK, my faves are the lions/cat, the city scene w/black cat, and the bird on newsprint

    and this might be right up your alley. http://www.20x200.com/

  2. Yeah, I think I'm going to have to get the lions in tubesocks one. It makes me giggle everytime. Here's her site

    But I'm totally in love with everything that matte stephens (cityscape)does.

    I love 20x200.
    My fear is that my walls will soon be spattered, salon style, with $2,000 worth of 8.5"x11" prints - when I could have just bought one really fantastic 30"x40" or an actual painting or something.

    I thought of you when I heard this song
    I'm searching for more info/tracks by her (Barbara)..
    Oh goodness and just watched this.

    Love! Why have I never heard of her?

    It makes me want to stay in and watch 60's French film. - I haven't seen The Bride Wore Black, by the way.
    But, I'm going to see the fleshtones tonight, which I'm actually really excited about. Sheesh! Actually I should probably start getting ready.

    Consider this March 28th's posting.

  3. ohh this is fun, help choosing artwork. i would definitely go for the lions in socks or the betsy walton painting below it.

  4. I like the newsprint bird and the sun. I'm absolutely addicted to Etsy...there are so many awesome finds!