One down, half dozen to go...

Whoa. I saw No Country for Old Men tonight. I was not disappointed. The pacing, the mood and the attention to detail were so spot on - I sorta just sat there stunned for most of the movie. (except the parts with wound cleaning - bluck yuck blech) And hey, I didn't know that the main actor was 'Brand' from The Goonies!

I have the best b.f. in the world. Not only did he go to the movie with me, he took me to eat pizza too. At Conan's. That's a picture of it up top. It pretty much still looks just like that, except there are Frank Frazetta drawings on the walls.

Off to bed. My best friend's getting married tomorrow. My apartment is messy. And I have to get up early to run some errands for work. I need some rest.


  1. I wish I had a b.f who took me out for movies and pizza.

  2. There you are. I was beginning to worry.

    Isak, you deserve a b.f. who will take you out for movies and pizza more than anyone else I know. (besides me.) Let's add a round of bowling, miniature golf, or a trip to the mall in there too. Maybe he'll even rub your shoulders/feet (your choice) at the end of the date.

  3. What else will he rub? Hmmm.

    Sorry for the absence. I've been really busy between work and the holidays, and I dodn't know what to say about Disneyland (world?) without sounding even snottier than usual.

  4. Itsa okay. I know I haven't exactly had the most groundbreaking things to post lately either. The holidays kinda sucked me dry this year instead of inspiring me with creativity and joy to share.

    I need to recuperate with hours of internet surfing, and films involving ultra-violence, forced prostitution, and bloody nude killing sprees.

    And p.s. thanks(?) for sparing your snottiness re: disneyland.