Somehow, I've missed a ton of movies that I wanted to see in 2007.

No Country For Old Men
There Will Be Blood
I'm Not There
Black Book
Eastern Promises
The Host
Assassination of Jesse James
Black Snake Moan
The Darjeeling Ltd.
Away From Her
Golden Compass
Inland Empire
Sweeny Todd
Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten
La Vie En Rose
Paris Je T'Aime
Blades of Glory

Jeez, I could keep going. Makes me wonder what I did see...

Hot Fuzz
Year of the Dog
Harry Potter (twice)
Lars and the Real Girl
Knocked Up
The Simpson's Movie

That's all I can remember. Surely there were others.

Number one resolution for 2008: Don't let this happen again.

And start crossing off that 2007 list asap. Am I forgetting anything worth noting from last year??


  1. SURELY No Country for Old Men is still showing at a theatre near you. I think you should go find out. It's "pretty good."

  2. Of those listed, these were the ones I've seen:

    No Country for Old Men
    Black Book
    Eastern Promises
    The Host
    The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford (more fun to spell the whole thing out.)
    Black Snake Moan (or enough of it to know it's retarded)
    Golden Compass (only because I bought the books for my niece and wanted to see what it was about)
    Inland Empire
    Knocked Up
    Simpsons Movie

    Of these, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and Eastern Promises were the best.

    The very best two films I saw were not new.
    Killer of Sheep (maybe could call it new because it had never really been released before).
    Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors.

    Plus a bunch more boring art films I dragged Amy to see.

    Of those listed that I haven't seen, I'm interested in seeing:

    There Will Be Blood (seeing it tonight)

  3. Isak, you're a real big bragger.I'm not surprised that you've seen everything, so I can't really be impressed, but I am jealous.

    I can't believe you bought the golden compass books for your niece without knowing what it was about. What if it was degrading to little girls or something.

    You wanna put my list in some sort of order for me? Does this mean you didn't see Once or Hot Fuzz? What did you think of Knocked Up?

    Gotta go. Wedding Reception/Happy Hour at a fancy-ish bar post vow exchange at the Justice of the Peace.

    Oh, but wait, you'd know: Did the same cinematographer do "AJJ by the CRF" and "No Country for Old Men"? I seem to remember that...

    I look forward to your review of the new Anderson movie ( you know the good Anderson- not the sell out)

  4. Geez, oh whiz. I wasn't trying to brag. I sorta feel like I haven't seen that many movies this past year.

    As for the Golden Compass-I knew a bit about those books. I had read a profile of Pullman in the New Yorker or something a few years back and I knew the trilogy was supposed to be a rejoinder of sorts to C.S. Lewis. I knew the main character was supposed to a good role model for young girls, and that the books were beloved by many children, and that the religious right hated them, but I didn't know too much about the actual plot.

    I did not see Once or Hot Fuzz. Hot Fuzz looks amusing enough, I have no real interest in seeing Once.

    As everybody has pointed out by now, Knocked Up was pure male fantasy, one which chickened out on the abortion debate. That said, it was pretty fucking funny.

    And, yes, Roger Deakins--along with Christopher Doyle,arguably the best DP working today--did both No Country for Old Men and The Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

    I'm still sorting through my thoughts about There Will Be Blood, but you should certainly see it.