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I'm listening to a Mojo Nixon tape.
I found it in a pile of trash on one of my occasional "3pm walk to Sonic for a root beer float" breaks from work.
I've had "listen to a Mojo Nixon tape" on my to-do list for about 15 years now. Seriously. Since the first time I heard him referenced in the Dead Milkmen's Punk Rock Girl.
This is not exactly what I was expecting. I expected playful silly lyrics but I expected a Circle Jerks-Black Flag-Dead Kennedys sound. This is more like bluesy rockabilly revival, college rock style. It doesn't even have the sleazy freakish intensity of the Cramps. I like it - just not what I was expecting. It's very Texas.

Oh great.

Tape player just ate the tape.

That's what I get for digging a tape out of the trash. Guess "listen to side two of a Mojo Nixon tape" will now be on my list. Wonder if the Mekons tape will do the same thing (found that one too - don't know much about them either.)

It's funny, there were two other references in Punk Rock Girl that I was baffled by at 14 years of age. Minnie Pearl and Zipperhead. I think I asked my mom who Minnie Pearl was, but I never did find out where Zipperhead was. Until today. It's a store in Philadelphia.

I always pictured Zipperhead as a dreary, sketchy, rough-and-tumble spot in a park in London. I think I thought everything cool came out of London or New York at the time. Some things don't change.

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  1. I can't remember much about Mojo Nixon. I know I heard him when I was a tennager, remember not liking him very much, but appreciating that he had a song called Don Henley Must Die. On the other hand, the Mekons are swell.

    Something I recall about Punk Rock Girl-it makes the mistake of attributing California Dreaming to the Beach Boys, not the Mamas & the Papas. Maybe they did it intentionally to annoy the rabid Brian Wilson fans.