Back from Disneyland!

I'm back! Well, I've been back, but been hibernating - making Christmas cookies and embroidering my name on my stocking and stuff.

Disneyland was unbelievably fantastic. I mean, I thought I would have a really good time, but I had no idea what an incredible all around experience it would be. The saturated colors, the attention to detail, the spare-no-expense-over-the-top extremity, the nostalgia factor (even as a first timer), the was amazing.

Every memory I have of my time spent there is warm and bright and sparkling and totally carefree. Which is exactly how it's supposed to be, I know, but when you think about going to magic mountain or six flags or the state fair or something - those places are fun and there's all kinds of great imagery and smells and thrills that go along with it - but you don't leave feeling like you just experienced something (...get ready, I'm gonna say it...)magical.

I could have stayed a full week.

The Pirates of the Caribbean was definitely my favorite. I rode it, 3 or 4 times. With Splash Mountain an easy second. And of course I was thrilled to ride "It's a Small World" my nerdy Mary Blair fondness spilling over.

I have to be brief tonight. My internet is down, so I'm at a coffee shop with my friend. She's just announced that she's getting married, so I should give my undivided attention to stories revolving around that. Plus, apparently I'm to blame for introducing her fiance to the wonderful world of youtube, where he saw a video that has convinced him that he was abducted by aliens as a child and implanted with a monitoring device. Also, something about reptoids(?) I'm highly amused, and must find these influential videos. hee hee...

Friends and Family: see flickr for more photos. (But, unfortunately, probably not 'til tomorrow.)

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