Christmas Lights and Music

The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights is a display of christmas lights and decorations at Disney World (not Land). It started in 1986 as a 1,000 light display on an Arkansas house - a gift from a Little Rock businessman to his six-year-old daughter. Each year it got bigger and bigger (he even bought the properties on either side of him to expand). By 1993, the house had over 3 million lights. The neighbors complained and he was taken to court. In 1995, Walt Disney World project director John Phelan contacted Osborne's attorney about moving the display to the Orlando resort.

Initially the display was just the original lights from the Osborne estate, but in the past 12 years, over five million lights have been added. Disney caretakers have also added hidden Mickeys into the lights. The 2007 edition of the display has more than 40 of them.

I vaguely remember going to see this house as a kid while visiting my grandma in Little Rock. More here.

If I owned a home, I'm pretty sure I might go ape shit crazy decorating with lights and blow-up figurines. I love the idea of a nativity scene under a North Pole sign with a waving Santa overlooking the 3 wise men and like a I dunno, blow up Calvin and Hobbs peeing over the whole thing.

Do you know Pickwick Records? It's too much to condense in one posting. And not really interesting enough to do so either. I don't really know a whole lot. But lemme try...
They were an American record label, and they mainly made their money from re-issues of Elvis an Jackson 5 recordings.
Mostly it's exciting because Lou Reed did some session work on some of their recordings in the mid-60's.
But these are also exciting:

If you want more, here's a great posting about the lights.
And for more music, check this out.

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  1. I just got the John Waters Christmas album. Holy crap! How did I miss it 3 years ago when it was first released? Near perfect mix of songs.