I can't sleep

I can't sleep.

Which sucks for me, because I have to work 12 hours tomorrow. Standing, talking and smiling. With a jumbo travel mug of of Dad's super potent Folgers I suppose!

I'm at my Dad's house. And I'm completely overstimulated from hanging out with my brother for the last six hours or so. He knows how to talk. We all do - it runs in the family - but he wins hands down.

Topics included:

Pop Culture
Eating Habits
Our Social / Economic Status
Housekeeping - Tools and Tricks of the Trade
Conspiracy theory
The gun shots we heard
Bouncers at Clubs
Being Bullied
Why expensive laundry detergent is worth the extra $2
The Chocolate Rain Guy
The Family Guy
The half marathon he's racing next week
Flickr vs. Photobucket
The cheap cat food our mom bought growing up causing hairballs
National Gold Bank Notes
Why he broke up with his last girlfriend and advice on what never to say to a guy
How I should probably wait tables to get out of debt
This great waiter he had at Chili's recently
Never call cubed steak "steak" - It means you've seriously lowered your standards - or worse, never knew any better in the first place.
I haven't stopped growing, it only feels that way, and it'll get better. (thanks.)
Red Bull and Vodka: if he drank alcohol - that'd be his drink (gross.)
He really wants to see the new Cohen Brothers movie.
He can't believe I haven't seen 300.
Christian Bale - losing and gaining weight / muscle for films.
Really skinny people being as disturbing to look at as really fat people.
Annnd...More jujitsu

Oh there's more, but a written list is not nearly as entertaining as in person. You really gotta have the whole experience of slowly putting on your pajamas, brushing your teeth, setting your alarm, and getting into bed for the first half hour. And then laying in bed listening to him as he glides along on Dad's Gazelle for the next four and a half.

I greedily want every single piece (minus the oversized heart purse) from Erin Fetherston's new collaboration with Target. Luckily I'm certain most everything will be laughably too short on me. Still like to dream though...

I should try to sleep again. My dad and stepmom will be up in an hour.

But, I'd like to leave you with this.

oh, right, and um like a week 'til disneyland!


  1. Wow. Thank you. I can almost smell that....smell. And yet, that's somehow a good thing because I feel like I'm right on that bed with you with my eyes burning from fatigue yet too entertained or compelled to not forget to tell something and/or hear something. Pet the black dog who shall remain nameless in this comment out of respect for the cold read of said name on eyes that may not know or understand That House. Wish I could be there but my mom is here now and I'm having a surprisingly refreshing take on things.

    Oh, and it snowed really great clumpy, fluffy flakes today that made no move to stay but the forecast predicts more soon.

    My love to my siblings!

  2. Hmmm, I went to first Saturday at the Brooklyn Musuem with my brother and we too had an interesting conversation. However our topics were a bit different:

    Where to find pictures of Zoey Zane on the web.

    Two Girls, One Cup.

    Whether the "Surf & Turf" sandwich at White Castle was the most disgustingly inedible thing ever.