Gay Dayz

My plan was to write about media conglomerates and the ways that mergers define America's media and pop culture by using cross promotion and the selling of products and ideas among different companies that are all owned by the same powerful parent corporation. And although I still believe that's an interesting and valid topic, this'll do too...

Gay Days Anaheim

Gay Days Anaheim typically attracts as many as 30,000 or more LGBT park-hoppers to the Disney theme parks, most of them wearing red shirts to be visible among other park guests. Both the Saturday gathering in Disneyland and the Sunday gathering in Disney's California Adventure are privately organized and not endorsed by the Disney company.

Wish I could share more, but I have to go to work. I've had little time for my self lately - guess that's what this season is all about?

Happy 2nd day of Haunnakah to Michael Eisner and all the other past and present employees that keep the Walt Disney Company alive and fabulous.


  1. 1-Read all the essays by Adorno on the culture industry.

    2-As I write this, it is still the first day of Chanukah. The second day, er, night, doesn't start til sundown. Silly schicksa.