Happy (super belated) Birthday Oliver!

At the beginning of this month my nephew had his first birthday. I made him a mix of what I felt like was some of the best music that came out in the first year of his life. My hope is to do this every year for his birthday.
It's really hard to make a mix of only new songs. I'm usually so much more excited about the old bands that are new discoveries. I think next year will be easier, because as I find something I like, I can dump it into Oliver's special "Year Two" play list.

Here's the final product. Thanks to those who helped with suggestions on this project (it was a little stressful!)

Patricia's Moving Picture- The Go! Team
Peacebone- Animal Collective
Atlas- Battles
Mmaj- Octopus Project
Wildcat- RATATAT
Mer du Japon- Air
Neon Bible- The Arcade Fire
Challengers- The New Pornographers
How Low- Jose Gonzalez
fri/end- Thurston Moore
Finer Feelings- Spoon
Brace Yourself- Les Savy Fav
South America- Shout Out Louds
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa- Vampire Weekend
Someone Great- LCD Soundsystem
Ice Cream- New Young Pony Club
Friday Night- Lily Allen
Umbrella- Rihanna
Irreplaceable- Beyonce


  1. First of all, Oliver is such a beautiful little kid. Do you get to see him often? I saw my niece, Thea (the new one;my brother's kid), last night, but I feel like I'm a bad uncle. Like I should be spending every waking hour bonding with her. She probably doesn't know who I am. Still, she's very cordial to me.

    I think this mix-tape idea of yours is a great idea. Of course, I haven't heard most of the songs and have only a passing familiarity with most of the bands. (Too busy listening to the bands of my youth, like Chicago and Boston and Kansas and, uh, Asia.) Regardless, a good aunt thing to do. But what if it turns out young Oliver grows up to only like showtunes, or dusties, or Boston-style hardcore? Hoisted by your own petard, you'll be.

  2. Aw shucks, my spawn has a blog entry! Thank you, thank you! And thanks to Isak for the compliment. No offense, but I'd be happy if he listened to ANYTHING but Boston - that's our Dad's favorite band and I saw them live too many times with him (though once for his birthday, it felt good to hand him laminates and have him as, "What's this?" "Their laminates, Dad! We're watching Boston from backstage!"

    As for current musical interests, I created Oliver's 1st Mix for his party favor bags and it included one of his favorites, "Get Rhythm" by Johnny Cash. So far, his musical path is righteous and hopefully free of any fougasse.

  3. Yes, Isak, you've got "dad taste." We used to joke that he only liked bands named after cities, states or countries. (Do you like Alabama and America too?)

    I definitely wish I could see my nephew more often. Lucky for me there is a flickr page that is added to regularly. I hope I can at least see him every six months or so. (He is beautiful, isn't he. So precious.)

    My big sister had a profound affect on my musical tastes growing up, and I don't worry to much about Oliver. She bought me a Depeche Mode cassette single at the mall, and gently told me that the Wilson Sisters were not very cool. She had records(!) and after the fire, she gave me her Bela Lugosi is Dead picture disc. I treasure it, because I remember looking at it as a kid thinking it was so neat and spooky. She took me to CBGB's for the first time. She introduced me to Henry Mancini and Lawrence Welk, made it acceptable to like pop celebrities like Macy Gray or En Vogue, and toughened me up by telling me about the sordid things girls wanted Marilyn Manson to do to them.
    There is still a possibility of seeing Celebration and Battles tomorrow. I'll be sure to let you know.

    How old is Thea now? When are you going to make one. (a baby).

  4. Just to be clear, I wasn't suggesting that young Oliver might one day listen to Boston, the band, but, perhaps, to the hardcore punk music (e.g.-Negative FX; Gang Green; Jerry's Kids) that sprang from Boston, the city.

    Thea is 15 months (DOB: 8/1/06).

    I have no immediate plans on makin'
    a baby.

  5. What's going on here? I thought you supposed to post more? It's been over a week. What do want me to do, work?

    If you're having problems with topics, I can supply a few:

    -Apropos of recent comments, discuss the relative merits of Chicago and Boston and determine which is the worse band. (Bonus points if you can demonstrate how either band affects and/or is affected by the reputation of its city namesake.)

    -The dark and disturbing side of food porn.

    -Please stop encouraging Courtney Love

    -Mario Batali: Today's Tom Sawyer?

    (I had hoped to someday blog about this last one, but I don't know if I'll ever get around to it.)

  6. I wonder if it's possible that a blog could launch it's own comment "spin-off" because if so, this one is A Contender. When I read Isak's last post, a glow-y light shown behind the head I imagine him to look like [I'm old and I have mommy brain - I do remember a striking individual and yet, the details blur] and I heard angels go, "Ahhhhhhhh!" And yet, I hope he only has true feelings towards Mr. Batali because I adore The Man with the Orange Clogs. The way he thanks The Chairman for letting him be there gives me a teensy bit more faith in humanity and yet, could he really be saying, "I'm having so much fun painting this fence....."? Blog, Isak, blog.

    Then my sista and I can get up all in your grill when you don't update accordingly [bwa-ha-ha-ha-HA!!!!!].

  7. It's funny. I was just thinking... Maybe I should have guest bloggers on my page. And it looks like Mario Batali (who, sorry, I had to google.) may be the man who could start the trend!

    I'm on my way to New Mexico (where there might be snow(?)) and doubtful that I'll have a chance to blog there. I have much to post though, and all a month behind (like oliver's birthday).

    -A record convention - (yea)
    -Halloween - (wow)
    -fun fun fun fest - (um, fun?!)
    -The movie Knocked Up - (boo)
    -Thanksgiving menu -(can't wait)
    -my embroidery project - (we'll see)

    I haven't been feeling 100% (do i say that a lot?) - a little gloomy again. I really try not to be - honest I do, but sometimes my vision starts to get darker - from the outer corners inward and I have to fight like superman pushing two buildings to keep things bright. And, as I've mentioned, the absolute worst part about it: My life is better than ever.
    Anyway. I haven't felt like sharing much. But I will. I'd be grateful to know which of the above sound interesting. Isak, do you have a secret blog out there? I kind of remember you saying something like that.

    Sigh. I'm off to pack my legwarmers and trooper-winter-ear-flap-hat.

    I will be excited once I get in the car, but right now I'm terrified of the trip. What if I have to go to the bathroom and Stacy wont pull over. What if they want to listen to reggae and jazz the whole way. What if they smoke so much pot that I get a contact high and get even more paranoid. What if the house we're staying at is crawling with caterpillars. ( I really hate those things. I just threw away my jack o lantern - infested with them. ugh. bluck. phewy. yuck.)

    Okay. Hey - you two keep up the thread. I need to know what the big deal is about this babbo guy. Other than the crocs. Meanwhile I'll be paintin' da fence Tom Sawyer/Karate Kid style.

    Mercy is for the weak~!

  8. Isak, don't you just want to shake her? JESSICA in a funk of all the undeserving people, I mean just look at the stunned expression of my son as he gazes into his one and only birthday candle (which was tin-ily playing "Happy Birthday" by the way), just his image alone should melt any questionable funk.

    Have SO much fun in NM. I pray for a reggae- and jazz-free drive [urp! I just threw up a little in my mouth just thinking of the personal Hell, throw in some R.E.M. and I'll solve all the terror problems single-handedly with my wrath and a spoon - does that make sense?].

  9. I just saw your recent flickr pics, SURELY you're feeling closer to 100% now?