Not an end in itself, Only a means to an end

Six months later, and I'm still pretty excited about Battles "Mirrored".

On first listen: The songs are experimental, but still catchy. Playful but in a precise way.
Second listen: Agghh, maybe too playful, esp some of the vocal effects.
Third listen: Vocals are no longer annoying. Played louder and on repeat.
Fourth-Twenty fourth listen: Definitely one of my favorite albums of 2007.

Is it called Math Rock because it seems like you'd have to be really smart to remember how to play it, or because they wear their guitars really high?

This video came out last month, but I just caught wind of it. It was done in collaboration with the very cool United Visual Artists

Rainbow Mp3

And some King Crimson, because, Robert Fripp has got to be a "yeah,duh" influence, right?


  1. I still have not heard Battles because "math-rock" is usually a turn off. I dunno, I like some of those bands a lot, but others...ugh. It's like being forced to listen to Rush if Rush were a hardcore band. But if you're that into them, I'd better check 'em out.

    And to answer your questions w/r/t (notice the super pretenious DFW-esque way I wrote that) the etymology of math rock: It's because they're all dorks who went to Bard conservatory where they learned about music theory/odd time signatures.

    Me, I like Celebration. (New album in stores now.)

  2. I like Celebration a lot too (thanks to you).

    I think "math-rock" is a term that the industry keeps trying to hold on to, but I don't really think it applies to many bands.

    These guys have a little street cred (although, John Stanier of Helmet is the only one I think I could argue is not a dork?).

    How about if I call it prog-punk and tell you that its hypnotic and atmospherish - and you give it another go? thanks.

    What is DFW - Dallas Ft.Worth is the only time I've ever seen that.

  3. I have an iPhone now I can read your blog allll day.

  4. Okay, bought the album on Friday and have listened to it once so far. First impressions-sounds a whole lot like King Crimson, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. I found myself changing my opinion of the band, from song to song, sometimes within a song. It's isn't eay to dismiss, and I'll have to listen to it again to really form an opinion.

    DFW=David Foster Wallace.

  5. Just found out-Celebration play Denton this Sat (Nov 3) and Austin on Sun. Check 'em out live if you have the time.