I am lightly toying with the idea of spending my birthday weekend in Marfa, TX this year.

Sonic Youth is playing a free show as part of the Chinati Open House Weekend. The idea of traveling to West TX the first week of October, camping with a group of friends, gazing at the stars and my all-time favorite band at the Thunderbird sounds fantastic.
The fact that a couple thousand extra people will be in town sounds daunting.

Plus, as much as I love the town, Marfa-ites and others who have the desire and finances/time to visit Marfa regularly, generally make me a little uncomfortable. Only in the sense that I feel like I don't belong - I'm not an academic, old money, minimalist, hippie. I prefer not to have to overhear statements like, "Well, I think the common thread in his work is rational thought expressive of the cummualative experience in materials and technical processes," before I've had my second cup of coffee. I like to look at art, but I really don't want to listen to others talk about it.

Wow. Guess that solves that. Looks like I'll be seeing Sonic Youth in the comfort of my own town. At Stubb's BBQ. Amongst rough-and-tumble, working class, action painting, conformists.
Or at least a bunch of hipsters.

P.S. If anyone else goes to Chianti(or wants to go with me and complain about people who seem richer and smarter than us), I would like your take on the work of: Munson Hunt, Rex Ray, and Andrea Zuill. Oh and David Rabinowitch's block prints.


  1. OK, you don't have to go, but, if you don't go, you must make sure to do something adventerous and fun on your b-day. This could include anything from giving a ride to a creepy looking stranger, taking a mystery pill or eating cake!

  2. What are you doing that weekend? Come to Marfa and see what all the huh bub is about.

  3. Marfa sounds like vulgare slang. I don't know that I can get past that. Besides, I'm on jury duty for the next six years of my life.