Hormonal Blog-Tag

Have you ever heard of blog-tag?

I'm s'posed to share five things that relatively few people know about me. This is a little embarrassing, but hey, I guess not so much that I wont do it!

    1. All my bath products match each other, and match my shower tiles. Not only does this make for a more aesthetically pleasing showering experience, it makes shopping much easier by narrowing down the selection. I can literally spend 30 to 40 minutes in an isle at Walgreen's trying to select the absolute best shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, razor or soap. But I can cut that time in thirds by electing to choose only those in my color palette.

    2. I really like shoes. Women's heels. Expensive, ridiculously uncomfortable looking shoes. External coverings for the human foot that are appealing and appalling at the same time. I spend a lot of time on line looking at fancy shoes. This is a fairly new fascination, and I am almost certain it has something to do with hormones.

    3. I'm a decent swimmer, I'm just kind of terrified of being submerged in water. Especially natural bodies of water like lakes, springs, oceans. Telling people I can't swim, seems a lot easier / less embarrassing than explaining my fear.

    4. I'm obsessive about my arm pit care: On M-W-F I shave upwards. T-Th-Sun I shave downwards. (No shave Saturdays.) I have 5 different deodorants that I rotate because I'm certain that my body becomes immune to them if I use them two days in a row. (Hormonal issues.) Also, although I'm obsessed with not smelling - I really like the way body odor smells on loved ones.

    5. I don't trust people who absolutely don't want kids, but I'm not completely convinced that I want them either. I am certain this is hormonal.


    1. 1-More of us, myself included, should use aesthetics to determine our bathing options. Seriously, this may be the best thing I've ever heard. Er, read.

      2-Not to sound all A&E-evening-at-the-Improv, but don't all women love shoes?

      C-I never knew this about you. Did you have a traumatic water experience as a child? Do you get nervous taking a bath?

      4-A:I thought you were doing the Austin no-deodorant thing. I'm glad to see you've seen the error of your ways. If I were a better person I'd have five deodorants too. But I'm bad, so I only havr two. (Axe, which can be problematic; every time I put it on, every lady in the nearby vicinity tries to handle my johnson.)
      2:Perhaps I'm revealing waayyy too much, but sometimes I like a little armpit hair on a lady. It's like your arm has a little vagina. (Vanessa Hudgens style, not Britney Spears.) Ahem.

      5-You may or may not be able to trust me. I can't say for sure. (Don'tcha love how I always make your posts about me?)

    2. 5. (Yes. I very very very much like that.)

      4. Well, I didn't post the image of the 5 deodorants because I knew you would comment on the fact that they're all (except one) aluminum free and organic-y. But I do wear deodorant.
      I like a little arm pit on a lady too - just not on this lady.

      III. No, no trauma that i caan recall. My mom made take swimming lessons and I really didn't want to and she doesn't know how to swim so I remember being resentful of that. I just prefer swimming pools. I like to be able to see my body under the water and I like my feet to be able to touch the bottom. No murky water please.

      2. Maybe (ya jerk) but my fascination came recently. I truly think it has something to do with entering my thirties and looking for security and stability which I find totally ironic.

      1. Glad to help.

    3. "I don't trust people who absolutely don't want kids, but I'm not completely convinced that I want them either. I am certain this is hormonal."I really agree with you that they have some problems with their natural hormone balance ;)