Big Tex and The O.C. East

The weather has been beauuutiful lately here in Texas, and although there's still a couple of things I'd like to do before cold weather swoops in, (swim at Barton Creek, have a snow cone) I'm also all aflame about fall.

Sweatshirts and scarfs, the smell of greasepaint and caramel apples, the State Fair (15 days and counting), fashion (shows, magazines, models), fall movie releases.... Yeah, I'm looking forward to fall.

Of all the wonderful things that fall 2007 promises, I must admit I am most anxiously awaiting the premiere of "Gossip Girl" (September 19th).
So much so, that I may invest in a television set.

Upon viewing the teaser clip, I was a little un-impressed with the clothing and "Barney and Friends" style of casting. However, three things still make it my most anticipated show of the season:
  • It's on the CW (um, and right after ANTM).
  • It's about spoiled rich kids on the Upper East Side.
  • O.C. creator, Josh Schwartz.
The CW doesn't mess around. They don't design these shows for the tweens. They are brilliantly engineered for people just like me - Over 16 and looking for a guilty(?) pleasure to do their embroidery or knitting in front of. Evening soaps.

Could Gossip Girls bring the same level of realism and sophistication to the East Coast's elite - as they drink, and screw their way through high school - as the O.C. did for the West Coast? I'm sure counting on it. (please?)


  1. You bring out my inner snob with posts like these. Not that he's too hard to get out. I'll tell you what really upsete me though: you haven't dedicated any more posts to the suddenly fascinating "High School Musical." Haven't you read, there are naked pics or one of the stars?
    And her bush is surprisngly full. Not Georgina Splevin the 70s full, but for pretty full for today's generation of girls. (Or so I hear.)

  2. That's "upsets," not "upsete."

  3. I know. I know. Disgraceful. It's just... I hear these horror stories about companies dragging up things like blogs and myspace pages as part of the screening / interview process. It really gets in the way of my artistic expression. I try to remind myself that if I want an internship at the capitol, blog postings of naked 18 year old girls could only help my chances of scoring a job.

    That said, uh huh. I am fully aware of the photos of the coquettishly smiling Hudgens posing naked. Personally I like the playboy underwear kitty kat crawling shot, but that's just me - more wholesome.

    Please note the countdown link at the top right of my blog, and consider it reconciliation. Speaking of which, please tell me you've read some of the HG/SS fan fiction out there?

    Missed you.

  4. What on earth is HG/SS fan fiction? And do you really read fan fiction? You are a nerd's wet dream. It's like a model had a Freaky Friday (the Jodie Foster one) with a 13 yeard old SciFi/Fantasy conventioneer.

  5. Isak. Nobody gives compliments the way you do.
    Thank you thank you.
    Nerd's wet dream = everything I aspire to. I like to think of myself as the "don't hate me because I beautiful" character from weird science. But that's just me.

    BUt, um...HG= Hermione Granger and SS= Snapes S. - oh see, I'm not nurdy enough to know his full character name. But youtube it, seriously. It's so disturbing in the best way possible.

  6. J. Lo, I'm past the age where I can enjoy fan fiction ironically. Or enjoy anything, ironically or not.