A Glossary:

Francesco Vezzoli: Contemporary Milan based artist, known for his lavish parodies, and whose work often revolves around deconstructing "glamor cinema"
Roman Polanski: Academy Award-winning Polish-French filmmaker, director of both arthouse and commercial films
Marcel Duchamp: French Dada/Surrealist artist, known for his "readymades" - everyday objects selected and designated as art.
Rrose Selavy: A pseudonym used by Marcel Duchamp beginning in 1921 in a series of photographs by Man Ray of Duchamp dressed as a woman.
Man Ray: Dada/Surrealist artist, best known for his avant garde photography
Eau de Voilette: A fake perfume - an "assisted readymade" created by Duchamp and Man Ray
Francesco Scavullo: an American fashion photographer best known for his celebrity portraits, who passed away in 2004.
Michelle Williams: Academy Award-nominated American actor. Started on Dawson's Creek and later graduated to film - Brokeback Mountain, and most recently Synecdoche, NY.
Natalie Portman: Actor, and Harvard graduate - The Professional, Garden State, Paris J'taime.

Okay. Now....

Conceived by Vezzoli, "Greed" is a fake advertisement for a fictional perfume. It stars Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman, and is directed by Roman Polanski. And I am very excited for it to be released.

Inspired by Duchamp's Eau de Voilette, the perfume is called "Greed" and the label has a photograph of Vezzoli taken by Francesco Scavullo.

Vezzoli says of the short art piece: “Lately the art world has become a place where there is a lot of effort to create desire, so I thought Greed was an appropriate theme. Natalie plays the good girl and Michelle plays the greedy one, and they start having a catfight over the perfume. They bite each other, pull each other's hair, throw themselves on the floor, and all of that is filmed by Polanski in his epitomizing style."

Did I mention I am very excited for it to be released?

You can see the trailer on Dazed Digital now, and the full length piece will be released on February 6th.

On a side note, Duchamp's Eau de Voilette, will be up for auction at the end of next month. Apparently it was in the private collection of Yves Saint Laurent.

link to the Christie's auction.

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