Just when begin to question why I live in Austin - 100 degree temperatures, lack of art museums, horrible allergies, rapid growth in questionable ways.... An evening like tonight occurs, and I am reminded of how awesome this town is.

Today marks what would have been LBJ’s 100 birthday. To celebrate, the LBJ Library held a party in the spirit of the barbecue dinners that President and Mrs. Johnson were famous for. It was held in a large tent on the lawn in front of the Library and they served hoards of people food - which included a full Rudy’s (local chain) Bar-B-Q dinner, Fresca (LBJ’s favorite soft drink), and peach ice cream from Amy’s Ice Creams (local chain).

I missed the ice cream, but I did get to see Bill Clinton speak via live coverage of the Democratic National Convention that was set up on televisions under the tent. It's one of those weird things - if I had stumbled upon this and it was a bunch of Republicans giving out free food and propaganda, I would shake my head in disgust. But since I'm a fan of both LBJ and the Democratic party, I was in hog heaven (no bbq pun intended). And it's always amazingly comforting to be among like minded people even if they are "keeping austin wierd" with grey haired ponytails, birkenstocks, kilts, and t-shirts emblazoned with dragons.

Major Legislation Signed by LBJ:
Civil Rights Act
Urban Mass Transportation Act
Wilderness Act
Food Stamp Act
Economic Opportunity Act
Higher Education Act
Social Security
Voting Rights
Immigration and Nationality Services Act
Age Discrimination in Employment Act
Public Brocasting Act
Bilingual Education Act
Fair Housing Act

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  1. LBJ was so cool, even a hopeless Marxist like myself (not many Marxists like the 13th Floor Elevators and LBJ) noted the special day...