Olympic Gaming

I never really sit down and watch the olympics, but I like it when they're on.

It's neat to know that you can turn on the TV at any time of day and watch live competitive sports - that everyone in the whole wide world is participating in.

In fact, I think I like all of the summer sports, except maybe football and softball... I especially love the horse stuff, archery, and swimming, but my favorite is probably women's volleyball.

And apparently it's George W's favorite too:

more photos here.

Lot's of fashion stuff celebrating the events. - Lane Crawford, a Chinese retailer, commissioned 12 fashion designers to make a uniform for their favorite sport. They'll be on display at the store in Beijing through August and then auctioned off to benefit Unicef’s relief funds for victims of the Sichuan earthquake. More here.

Alexander McQueen | Fencing

It's like a fancier version of last week's Project Runway challenge (which was great). They each designed a opening ceremony outfit for America. My favorites:

I missed most of the opening ceremony, but I hear it was spectacular. I'm looking forward to watching it. I tried to find it on youtube, but apparently you have to watch it at the nbc olympics site.
Exclusive Summer Olympics news & widgets at NBC Olympics.com!

Off to see Pineapple Express!!!

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