SXSW 2008: Right around the corner

I've been doing endless research and planning for the looming sxsw weekend. It's overwhelming - listening to bands on myspace, reading blogs, following pathways to find those secret parties and free shows. whew.
Like with most things, in the end, you just have to leave all the researching and scheduling aside, trust that you know what you're doing and go with the flow.

Even with all that research, until today I hadn't gotten super excited about anything. I stumbled onto a Carbon/Silicon track and I was like, whoa who are these guys?! Yeah, duh. I was hoping to have discovered some new kids. But no, big surprise - I like the Mick Jones' and Tony James' collaboration. It's funny, it's just it sounded like it was recorded on GarageBand or something, so I didn't assume big things. More research needs to be done - but I wonder if they'll record something more polished.

Another one that's not a big surprise as far as what I'm typically drawn to, but at least not already (or ever will be) a "rock legend" is Jeffery Lewis. Not for everyone. Probably not for most. He designed the cover for the Moldy Peaches, and he sounds like Adam Green. Sometimes Daniel Johnston without mental illness comes across as superficial and pretentious, but I think I might like him. He just released "12 Crass Songs" which I thought was maybe just lewd songs, but it's covers of Crass songs. I'm curious.

And then there's my guilty pleasure. MGMT. I can't help it - they're so ridiculously ablaze in watered down Vice magazine hipness and youth. Plus the singer is daarrreamy and is so often found without his shirt. yeow!

For reference, here are some sxsw blogs, tools, etc.:
Gorillia vs. Bear Day Party
The Austinist
Detour Magazine
Austin Showlist
Done Waiting

Oh and holy fuck, please don't forget about Rachel Ray's Showcase. I'm planning on being there. The Ettes are playing. Pleaaase let there be cleverly named snacks. Puhleeeez.


  1. Isn't it sad that I haven't heard Jeffery Lewis, MGMT, or Carbon/Silicon, but that I'm quite aware of Rachael Ray? I'm going to the Plug Awards tomorrow though. I hope it isn't too loud and it doesn't go too late.

  2. I was JUST looking for the Carbon/Silicon cd at Best Buy yesterday to send to Karl in my insanely belated package headed Down Undah. He's the only treat I'm missing and guess what? Waterford, CT is not a great place to get new music.

    Did I tell you they're moving to FL in June? They're going to do one last whirlwind tour of Oz then fly over then they plan to come to the NY area in September. Woo-hoo!