Oldie but a Goodie

This is the sort of thing that Sunday morning dreams are made of. Rummaging through a flea market and finding an entire collection of surreal handmade album covers with fake cardboard records, all dating from the late 1960s and early 1970s and all by a mysterious funk/soul artist calling himself "Mingering Mike".

From the 2/2/04 New York Times article by Neil Strauss:

The front covers were intricately painted to look like
classic funk albums; on the spines were titles and
fake catalog numbers; the backs had everything from
liner notes to copyright information to original logos;
the inner sleeve was often a shopping bag meticulously
taped together to hold a record; and some actually
opened to reveal beautiful gate fold sleeves. A few
albums had even been covered in shrink-wrap and bore
price stickers and labels with apocryphal promotional

The couple was able to track down Mingering Mike, and it turned out that the music to these fantasy records really exists. He still has tapes of the homemade music, which has people mouthing the sounds of instruments in the background. You can listen here.

I think I'll take a break from my air guitar lessons and start making cardboard albums.

Link to the home of all things mingering.


  1. If only Neil Strauss weren't King of the Douches.

  2. Yeah, did you see him on The View?

    Be sure to read the comments after that posting, and explore around this testicles bag site.

  3. Ugh. And he looks like a kid-toucher too.
    You know who else I hate? Chuck Klosterman. If Strauss is King of the Douches, Klosterman is first in line for the throne. He comes around my place of business from time to time and he's just as awful in person as he is in print. Self-aggrandizing, glib and LOUD! Homeboy makes sure everybody within a 50 foot radius can hear just how "clever" he is. Even when--perhaps esp. when--he's talking on his call phone.

  4. I had google to C.K. to see if he was that guy that wrote that book that turned out to be a big lie. You know the one with the really disturbing cover with the hand with the sprinkles allover it? bleh. But then I realized Chuck Klosterman sounded familar because he wrote the book tha's been sitting on my bedside table for months. Unopened unread. I'm gonna agree with you, and this is totally shallow - solely based on the photo on his wikipedia page. He looks like the type that was raised by his grandparents ( no offense readers or possible future employer ). What kind of stuff does he rent I wonder. And is he really talking to anyone on his cell phone or just practicing his monologue?

  5. I don't think he has a rental account; I think he just comes in to buy shitty records. Or maybe he buys good records so he can form shitty, smarmy opinions about them.

    As to whether there is anybody on the other side of the line: I've wondered that myself. It wouldn't surprise me to find out there wasn't.