September 11

I just spent $3.89 in change on a bottle of beer. Belhaven Wee Heavy Scottish Ale.
Here's my review: It's Pretty. (dark like a coca~cola) Not much to smell (maybe a little raisin-y?) Easy to drink, but maybe a little too easy. Not a thick beer - nice, long lasting "head remains(?)", but a little too bubbly. However, it's thick enough to be a meal in a bottle, which is what I was looking for, and it's a good one for a "first taste of fall"/cool evening.

Decent, but I like Dogfishhead's Indian Brown Ale a lot better. More bitterness. I have no idea if they would be in the same category (this one is Scottish), but they're both Brown Ales? Annnnd now, I'm gonna stop pretending like I half-way know what I'm talking about.

It's September 11th! Yea.

I think, that even after 6(!) years, I'm still a little ptsd'ed today. (that's post traumatic stress disordered, not pissed). Strange too - it's the first really nice, cool day here in Texas, similar to the break in heat six years ago in NYC. Surely though, that's not why I feel a little glum today. I mean the 19 year old I work with was 13(!) when it happened. That certainly puts it into perspective, huh?

Anyway, I drew a bunch today (which I don't do), and in retrospect, I think they were a little therapeutic. I'm thinking I might slap a little paint on these, so I wanted to post them now in case I destroy them. (I can never leave well enough alone.)


  1. Love the two suns. Keep us posted on progress.

  2. Your drawings are great. Paint me a picture. (Not a request.)

    I was in jury duty on Sept 11. Got picked for a case too. Starts Monday. Judge says it will proabbly last 3-4 weeks.

    Also, some of those Dogfishhead beers are dangerous. Super boozy.