Internet Addict

I love my job. LOVE it. You know the expression, "do what you love and the money will follow"? I really love surfing the internet. On Saturday, I decided not to beat myself up over the fact that from 11am until 6:28pm I was on the computer - only getting up to make coffee and pee. As the sun was setting, I creaked out of bed, ate a tortilla and brushed my teeth. I dunno, seven hours in bed doing researching on british invasion vs. psychedelic vs. mod and looking at pictures of pretty french actresses from the 60's and daydreaming about the house I wish I could buy? jeez.
Anyway, my point is I get to surf the internet at work. Isn't that cool?
The picture above is from this "bloke" in the UK who blogged about Sublime Stitching after seeing our patterns on Boing Boing. I gave him a hard time about saying sewing is for girls and challenged him to give it a shot. Then he blogged about that too. The whole thing is very...cute.
Campbell Neumann sale tomorrow. Oooh and I found a version of that yellow table and chairs I love so much. I just paid rent, so it'll be a weekend of look but don't touch, but I like to think that my special little table is waiting for me out there.

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