I ran into Geoff Peveto of Decoder Ring last night at the White Denim (**1/2)- Nouns Group (***1/2) - Yellow Fever (***1/2)-Tokyo Police Club (** 1/2) - Punk Bunny (***) show.

It reminded me that I hadn't been to their site in awhile. I really like the Decoder Ring's work, but mainly, I really like the way they work. They are genuinely music fans, so they get excited about putting an image to a sound. Lots of down to earth talent in that office.

While at Flatstock last year I felt totally overwhelmed with the plethora of amazing music poster design. The challenge is to find that perfect combination of an artist and a band that you love.

The Decoder Ring's artist series is pretty fantastic too. I was blown away watching the process of the Jay Ryan print. And, apparently I was introduced to someone from Aesthetic Apparatus last night, but he did such a good job playing himself down I didn't realize it until today. So I wasn't able to ask the two artists to discuss their similar take on the Hold Steady:


  1. OK, so I'm old and out of touch-I've never heard of any of the bands you mentioned.

    I do know who Jay Ryan is, but the only other poster designers I can think of are Frank Kozik and Derek Hess. Again I show my age. (47 next May!)

  2. Oh, I do know who the Hold Steady are. I think I've even met some of those guys.

  3. I'm granting Yellow Fever only ***, until they've replaced the 2nd vocalist (sadly, swallowed by NYC). Punk Bunnies get ****, because they care (obviously).