How to use Google Reader

Do you use Google Reader? Do you know what it is? A few of my friends recently confessed they'd never even heard of it, so I thought I'd briefly illustrate how it works, and explain why you might want to use it.

Let's say every morning you wake up and check the same 3 sites, let's say it's The New York Times, Little Verses, and Unplugged. If you go to each of those sites you'll notice that there's a icon in the url window that looks like this:If you click on it (and you're logged into your google account) it will give you the option to "Add in Google Reader" When you click on that it will add it to your subscription list.

Now, when you wake up in the morning you can go to one place and see everything. If you spot something you think is really cool, you can click on the button "share this" and then the people who you are connected to can see those items.

Here's a link to my shared items.


  1. And you can join the REader Advantage program for cool stuff (supposedly):

  2. Oh wait - I'm a raging moron. That was an April Fools joke - apparently I should have read the fine print to "get" it. Sigh.