SXSW 2010 Complete!

What I ended up seeing in alphabetical order, repeats noted in parenthesis, newly discovered favorites denoted in bold:

Alex Bleeker and the Freaks
Andrew WK
Awesome Color
The Baths (2)
The Beets
Birthday Suits
Black Angels
Black Cock
The Carrots
Cheap Time
Destruction Unit
Eternal Summers
The Fresh and Onlys (3)
The Girls at Dawn (2)
Golden Triangle
Gun Outfit
Hunx & His Punx
JEFF the Brotherhood
Magic Kids (2)
Man or Astroman?
The Muffs
Pierced Arrows
Puffy Areolas
Rainbow Bridge
Rayon Beach
Reading Rainbow
Shapes Have Fangs
The Spits (2)
Thee Oh Sees (5)
Thomas Function
Total Slacker (2)
Ty Segall
Vivian Girls
White Mystery
Wizzard Sleeve
Woods (2)
Wounded Lion
Woven Bones

I think I'm forgetting some - but it's all a blur at this point. I made a compilation of some of my favorites. Find it *here.

*(ugh - I'm afraid the files might be a little sloppy (missing artwork) - but I'm too tired to correct it at this point. my apologies.)


  1. whoa! that's amazing. Im bummed we didn't get to catch any shows together, but it was a crazzzy week.

  2. It was crazy but fun! Can't wait to hear how the Fader stuff went- the pics on flickr look sweeeeet! Hope the mural will stay for the farmer's market.