There's an App for that.

I was not-so-recently asked to compile a list of my favorite iphone applications.

Here it is in no particular order...

Twitterrific - I've never tried any of the other Twitter applications, but this one works just fine.
Facebook - I prefer to check Facebook on my iphone rather than my personal computer. That's how good this app is.
Google Mobile - Voice recognition. The future is now. - Kind of a battery killer, but overall really nice.
Shazam - It can never tell me what's on my local college station, which is annoying, but when it works - it's awesome. I've discovered a lot of new music using Shazam.
Simplify 2.0 - This is amazing. You can listen to songs from your home computer from anywhere. Highly recommend.
Flixster - This is definitely in my top 5 most useful. It will list the top box office films according to popularity or Rotten Tomatoes rating, you can watch trailers, and it provides showtimes in your area. I love this application.
NYTimes - Simple, and easy to personalize. Very nice.
Remote - Turns your iphone into a remote for your computer. I forget I have this, so I don't use it very often. I wish this worked to control Netflix "watch it now" movies. (Would "Touchpad" do that?)
CameraBag - I just got this and I really really like it. Its easy to use and it creates lomo and holga effects on the photos already in your camera-phone library.
The Weather Channel - Handy, and waaay more accurate than the Weather feature default that comes with the iphone.

I would love to know what your favorites are. Comments please!

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  1. Better late than never-thank you. I'm not sure if I've discovered any interesting apps yet. (At least not ones that you don't already know.)