Mazzy Star

With the exception of Sonic Youth I kind of missed out on a lot of 90's music featuring female vocalists. I guess I thought I was too tough at the time. (Which, of course, makes no sense to me now.) I've been slowly rediscovering some of the ones that I remember liking, (but pretended not to).

Tonight: Mazzy Star. Who I must say, have held up very well in my opinion. Not as pop-y, bittersweet, or quirky as Liz Phair. Not as brooding, angst ridden or intense as P.J. Harvey. Mazzy Star (Hope Sandoval / David Roback) were dreamy, reflective, and cough-syruply haunting. And they did psychedelic-revival/dream-pop really well - a style that seems to have made a strong comeback lately with bands like Beach House, Broadcast, Thee Oh Sees, and Dungen.

Plus, did I mention how beautiful I think Hope Sandoval is?

And on a side note I'm now super intrigued by Opal, which was the band that David Roback and former Dream Syndicate bassist Kendra Smith were in before Kendra Smith left the group during a tour and Hope Sandoval took her place. The group then turned into Mazzy Star.

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