Coppola Ad

Big surprise, I love the new(ish) ad for Christian Dior's Miss Dior Cherie perfume. It's so pretty and girlie and sugary and 60's and French. Plus it has a girl in a dress on a bicycle. Plus it was directed by Sofia Coppola. Plus it's on top of a Brigitte Bardot song.

The most incredible thing about an ad like this - I've totally fallen for it. I want to experience life like this girl, so much so that I'd buy the perfume without even smelling it. I even believe that Sofia Coppola must like the fragrance too, or she wouldn't be promoting it - which is probably the furthest thing from true.

Source: fashionologie
Listen to the whole song with images of Brigitte Bardot here.
Opening of Lost in Translation - which has the same color palette as ad.
And a clip from Le Ballon Rouge. Just because.

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  1. 1) so glad you're back.

    2) holy fuck do i love that video. i've watched it so many times. it is just pitch perfect. thanks for pointing it out to me.