I'm dizzy

Because...I wanna share about four artists who I really like and sites related to them that get me so excited that I don't know where to begin.

The films Alfred Hitchcock made between 1955 and 1965 are some of my favorites. Well, I guess they're some of everyone's favorites, or at least, the most popular, and coincidentally(?) the one's that Bernard Herrmann, Edith Head, and Saul Bass worked on too.

I came across the most amazing site last night - I cannot pull myself away from it. The "1000 Frames of Hitchcock" section of the Hitchcock wiki, reduces every Hitchcock film down to 1000 frames.

I love that you can get a better look at the color palettes. I swear his suit shifts from eggplant to brown throughout the movie.

Don't the above images makes you feel like a five year old in white knickers chasing after a puppy on a beautiful spring day with a bunch red balloons in one hand and a cotton candy in the other???

But the thing that just makes me wanna vomit with excitement? You can click on any frame and it'll generate the average html colors used in the frame and give you examples of other frames that are similar in theme composition or character.

My favorite Hitchock-Herrmann soundtrack is probably Vertigo, but my favorite Hitchcock-Bass titles are from Psycho.

I've found fonts inspired by Saul Bass' more stylized type:

But I want to know what some of the more simple ones are. A squatty Helvetica?

I love House Industries "Chalet London 1980" . It's closer to the one used in Seconds. Maybe it could be tinkered with a little to get it even closer. That damn squatty 'P' and 'Y' are so hard to match.

Ah, no time for Bernard Herrmann and Edith Head ramblings. I promised myself only an hour on the computer, and now I've done too much work researching expensive or unattainable fonts.

Some other time... For now you might have fun taking a look at this.
Or, if you didn't have a look already, that Saul Bass site linked above really is amazing. I LOVE him.


  1. Whoa, slow down there, slugger. You do this all the time-pack with your posts with links or references to so many neat things that I'm too overwhelmed to comment on any of it. Ok, let's start slowly-what's your favorite Saul Bass title sequence? Vertigo? Man with the Golden Arm?

  2. Well, I try to make up for all the times I don't post. Although - lots of times that's why I don't post - because my head is too full of ideas.

    Anyway, to answer your question: Around the World in 80 days is my favorite right now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huw_XByYfkk
    But it's hard, I really like West Side Story (opening and closing) and Anatomy of a Murder is a classic, and duh, Psycho, and really, even the Seven Year Itch is pretty wonderful. I love it all Isak - even the Scorsese stuff.
    Okay.. Next question? (just kidding - I'll post something new tonight. something simple and easy to comment on. Just for you. hows about that.)

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  4. I had to delete my last post because I spelled "next" N-E-S-T. (I'm sleepy). I didn't know it would announce it's deletion though, which makes it seem seedy somehow, like I have something to hide. Great.

    Anywhoo, NEXT question-what's your fave B. Herrmann score?

  5. This is a little harder for me, because I know there are a lot of them out there that I don't know. Immediately what comes to mind are his last and first films: Taxi Driver and Citzen Kane. I love the Vertigo Suite. The Psycho Suite. Cape Fear makes me really uncomfortable - like in the way it's supposed to. See. I only know the real mainstream ones.
    What about you? Both questions.

  6. I dunno, for title sequences, I like Man with the Golden Arm a lot. Anatomy of a Murder is great. And yeah, I like Scorsese stuff too. Goodfellas a good one even if it doesn't seem very Saul Bass-y.

    Scores-All the Hitchcock stuff is great; as areTaxi Driver, Citizen Kane; underrated would be Sisters and Bride Wore Black

    But they're all really good.