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It'll be so nice
when I figure out what I need in order to post mp3s here. Especially since, I mean really, that's really my only interest in maintaining a blog.
This morning the band I can't get enough of is Vampire Weekend. They're real simple and easy to listen to. They have two songs on their site (Which I really like the looks of. It looks like how their music sounds - which seems rare). And two more on their myspace page. Annnd while on their myspace page, I found out that they are playing in Austin on Thursday with 'til we're blue or destroy. sigh. myspace is a beautiful thing.

I look forward to seeing them live. I like the idea of a band who labels themselves as punk, but sound a little like Paul Simon (Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa).

It'll be a busy week for shows. I'm planning on Tuesday at the Parish for Amplified Heat and the Jungle Rockers. (free!)

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