Milton Glaser for Seventeen Magazine

I try not to collect too much paper ephemera, but I couldn't resist this 1967 Seventeen Magazine with Twiggy & a kitten on the cover. I got it for 50¢ at a garage sale a few months ago, but yesterday was the first time I really looked through it. Inspired by Tadanori Yokoo's work, I was considering cutting it up to make a collage until I saw these Milton Glaser illustrations.

Glaser is best known for his iconic Bob Dylan poster and the legendary I ♥ NY logo but he's created what seems like thousands of other illustrations, typefaces, album covers, book covers, etc. Hearing him speak is really inspirational.


  1. And you know there's a new documentary about him, yes? (I saw it while trying to add to our netflix queue - any recommendations would be much appreciated)

  2. Yeah, it's in our queue.

    I've tried to add you to our Netflix friends so you can see our queue. I'll try again.

    We use our instant queue mainly for documentaries (we just watched Food Inc), we get tv series mailed to us (we've got True Blood), and we go to our local video store when we want to watch a movie (last we rented was Bandslam, it's true).