Minnie Evans

There was a very cool piece of outsider art featured on the Antiques Roadshow tonight...

Minnie Evans (1892 – 1987) was a self-taught folk artist known for her colorful drawings in pencil and crayon. She was haunted by disturbing dreams and waking visions for most of her life, but didn't start putting them to paper until 1935 (when she was 43 years old) after a voice told her she must "draw or die." She worked as a gatekeeper in a North Carolina garden and sold her drawings there for 50¢ each. In 1962 she began a friendship with Nina Howell Starr, who publicized her work for the next 25 years - including a solo show at the Whitney Museum.

From the Roadshow transcript:
"..this is a iconic example of her work, and the whole outsider style has a different vocabulary and condition ethic than other mediums... Minnie Evans, aside from her career as a gatekeeper, had a larger career. In 1975, she had an exhibit at the Whitney Museum of Art in New York, and she was also collected by the very important surrealist artist Jean Dubuffet. And she's come to have quite a reputation among American surrealism, American visionary art, American outsider art."

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  1. thanks for showing some of my collection on your site! Minnie was one of a kind and her art is truly unreal! Please check out our website www.homeoffolkart.com for more information about outsider/folk/naive art.
    Christian Daniel