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Home Decor at Urban Outfitters?

Now if someone would just issue a reprint of the 1962-63 "The Nativity" Poster...

... re-manufacture this couch..

..And reopen La Fonda Del Sol, with his designs and not this.

I don't mind his stuff being sold at Urban Outfitters. Maybe because it's almost affordable now. I've seen reissues of the "heart" pillow for close to $100 on design sites.

I am sooo disappointed that has been taken down. Whoever ran the site, had pictures of everything. It makes me want to take every picture from The Braniff Pages and save them to my hard drive, just in case it disapears too.


  1. Jessica, have you tried to see if there are any pictures at for the old site?

  2. That's a really good idea! Duh, thanks.

  3. It's not there though. too bad.

  4. I think you'd like this place. I basically bought all of Amy's birthday presents there.