Strangely Hot Men

Recently, my lady friend, Jamie, confessed that she was strangely attracted to Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler. Last week I found myself curiously attracted to Eric Bana in Star Trek. I decided to go a step further with our admissions and proposed that we both post our top "strangely hot" men. To simplify things I made mine a list of modern day actors (not characters) and didn't include musicians, etc. because, man, it was hard enough narrowing it down to these...

Steve Buscemi - I don't really feel the need to justify this one. It would be embarrassing to say how many times in a row I watched this Cohen Brothers short. He's brilliant. And tragic. And funny.

Chris Cooper.  He looks good in a cowboy hat. He looks good wet. He's tough, rugged and fragile at the same time, and I love his voice.

James Gandolfini : This one is almost definitely because of the Sopranos. He's bad and tormented and it's embarrassing, but I can't help it.

John Goodman - Let's go to the fair and ride rides and eat candy and then cuddle.

Terry O'Quinn - Forget about the doctor and Sawyer.

Dominique Pinon - umm, yeah. I can't explain it exactly. It's just. he's cute. and he seems like he'd be really nice to talk european cinema with. And I bet he smells good. I bet he appreciates a good cup of coffee.

John C. Riley - omg rotflmfao -  step brothers sandwich. puhleeeez?

Christopher Walken - young. old. in between. anytime.

Runners up: Attractive actors who are more hot when playing an unattractive character...

Be sure to check out Jamie's list for more. Anyone else wanna play?


  1. this is great! i think we ALL have our secret list of strangely hot men. thanks for sharing yours! i am now one step closer to revealing mine.

  2. You're a weirdo. Two things:

    1-Did you ever see Steve in person when you lived in Park Slope? (Saw him just the other day, btw.)
    2-When I was still a buyer at Kim's, Benicio del Toro came in one night and bought all of my employee picks. Or so I was told.