Ahhhhh. It's all over. It was totally worth it, but, boy I am beat!

I posted a handful of photos and video in this flickr set.

Highlights included: No Age (twice), Mika Miko (3 times), Thee Oh Sees (so good), Woods (new discovery), The Evaporators (very fun way to start a morning), Box Elders and Japanther. I'm sure there are others but my mind is fried.

I did that thing again with the drummer from No Age. The: "Awww man, I think you guys are amazing, I mean just really really cool, just so awesome, I mean really - just great. So rad. Really."


Trend alert:
Last year's pastel 80's yuppie prick button downs, ties and polos is sooo, uh, last year. This year is all about tribal prints, headresses, geometric shapes, and flourecent colors. But Ray Ban Wayfarers are still totally in.

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