Music Hodgepodge

Tiny Mix Tapes just posted a nice interview with No Age.

I still want those damn records! (You know- the 5 that were put out on 5 different labels in the same month in three different countries on colored vinyl and when you collect all 5 they spell "NO AGE"??? yeah, those.)

Their Sub Pop debut was last week.

I know I'm a little late on the bandwagon for this one (I mean her song's in a Bud Light commercial now), but I really love Santogold.

Pitchfork interviewed Scarlett Johansen about that weird Tom Waits covers project. Here's a stereogum Tom Waits interview discussing it too.

I'm curious about the new Ratatat album. (p.s. Michael, the b-side Mahalo can be found here.)

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