Highlights of sxsw 2008 (In order of appearance):

Municipal Waste
Jeffery Lewis and the Jitters
The Cowsills
No Age
Fucked Up
CPC Gangbangers
The Spits

A little sad to have missed:
The Features.
Jeremy Jay
Helio Sequence

Could have stayed in bed instead:
White Rabbits

The Cowsills were freakin' incredible. I can't believe I got exactly what I was hoping for. They played The Rain Park and Other things (which made me cry), Indian Lake, and Hair. It was an amazing way to start the day.

I wish I could re-live the No Age show like a million times over. I was so so so happy-comfortable-in my element. This band makes me very excited. The music reminds me of my (Sonic Youth-Fugazi-Slint) high school musical roots and I get a giddy head rush over it that I can't really explain. Such a good vibe off of them and so awesomely do-it-yerself authentic go getters. Iconoclastic - not the music or the attitude independently, but the combination of the two. A million *mwahs* to these two guys. A million bajillion with tears in my eyes. Watch this video for a better sense. And trust me when I say, for better or worse, I'm not done talking about them yet.

I'd write more, but I'm pretty sure I've still got a little more left in me, and need to get out there again. I wanna see Mika Miko (friends of No Age), and CPC Gangbangers (again), and Forever Changes (a Love tribute band) are playing today.

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