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Them as One

Anthony Bordain

Johnny Knoxville

Vince Vaughn

My Boyfriend


  1. Clive Owen was a close 6th, right?

  2. Awww man. That's funny. He almost made it instead of Vince Vaughn.
    He is insanely hot.
    I've got to be careful with all this. I'll lose all my male readers.
    But what do you think about Daniel Craig? I don't like beach photos of him, but I thought he made an excellent James Bond (I was voting for Clive Owen) and I could watch the Tomb Raider kissing scene, on repeat for like an eternity. ( but good luck finding it on youtube for some reason )

  3. I just realized I never looked to see if you responded to my comment til now....I like Daniel Craig (and loved him as Bond) but isn't he wee? Like teeny-tiny-short-short? And if you're going to say, "So is Clive" I just don't want to hear it. And something about Clive reminds me of Karl...which is probably not the proper thing to compare but come on, hot is hot.

    I have Run Lola Run sitting on my dvd player. Haven't seen it since we got the giant flatscreen. It will be interesting to see if I think Tommy still looks like Moritz
    Again: hot it hot.