Little Verses: The Age Issue Pt.2

I'll turn 30 this year.
It doesn't seem like such a big deal really. 'Cept sometimes I look down and my hands look old. But then I just put on some lotion, and they look better.

There are some things I'd like to do in the next 10 months to prepare my self for this seemingly significant event. Using a post on the blog, "I could be happy", as inspiration, here is a list of 30 things I'd like to do before 30 / New Year's Resolutions, or, more simply, some things I'd like to work on in 2008:
  1. Eliminate Credit Card Debt. This, miraculously, may be possible. I'll admit, I'm a little hungry right now. I'm living on Amy's Soups, fruit, spoonfuls of peanut butter, and the kindness of strangers, but I'm cutting out big chunks of the significant amount of debt I acquired during college and traveling.
  2. Establish habit of wearing makeup everyday. And reapplying throughout the day as necessary. I always wish I was like my sister in that way. There's something so put together and sexy about reapplying lipstick after a meal.
  3. Establish habit of taking off eye-makeup at night. This is on my New Year's Resolution list every year. I hate the haggard way I look in the morning when I don't, and worse lots of times just go on about my day without taking it off in the morning either.
  4. Find a purse that suites me and use it. I've always felt a little silly with a purse. But I need one I think. No more searching for keys wallet phone, etc. every time I walk out the door. Plus, I can keep lipstick in it.
  5. Find a yoga instructor that I connect with. Then go.
  6. Re-establish my relationship with water. I used to drink so much water. Way more than 8 glasses or whatever the recommended amount is. Not sure why I've gotten out of that habit.
  7. This is the most boring list ever.
  8. Be kind to myself about "hobbies" that I feel like are maybe a waste of time. example: researching typefaces, looking at random pictures/videos on photobucket, blogging, free porn, doughnuts with bacon on them, japanese girls wearing fashion bandages, youtube, myspace, flickr, and in-depth investigations of different music genres, furniture designers, and illustrators.
  9. Return items that I have borrowed.
  10. Get rid of items that are broken or fix them. now. This includes off the top of my head: reupholstering two chairs, finding a beater and mixing bowl for my electric mixer, drawer pull for bedside table, and a bag full of clothing that needs mending.
  11. Organize my photos.
  12. Write a song and record it.
  13. Write the "coming of age" story that's been in my head since I "came of age."
  14. Shave my legs more often. I'm not a hippie. I don't abstain from shaving for political reasons. It's because I'm lazy, and I don't have to. But I like the way it feels when I do.
  15. Learn how to chop an onion properly.
  16. Go to Mt. Bonnell
  17. Watch the bats on the Congress Bridge.
  18. Go to at least one Aikido class.
  19. Be better organized. I don't know how to start on this one. This is not something that seems to come naturally for me, and I have made small steps over the years, but you may not know it by looking. I often sleep on a bed that has things (books, clothes, computer, dishes) on it, my kitchen counter tops store a combo of dirty dishes and credit card statements, my desk is rarely clear and empty (I sometimes balance my laptop on a pile of clutter), I don't see the point in hanging up jeans if I might wear them the next day...I have this feeling like I would be happier with a tidier life. I can never find anything. I'm forgetful. Maybe organization would help. Just really doesn't come naturally.
  20. Healthfully reducing my intake of alcohol. Remembering that I don't have to drink every time I go out. Slowing it down.
  21. Invest in a couple pieces of jewelry. Simple things that I could wear everyday. (This being more feminine thing really keeps coming up, huh?)
  22. Love myself. Value myself. I want to be happy to be alone, but be capable of enjoying sharing too. (barf, I know.) I want to work on valuing myself and stating that value to the world.
  23. Learn how to do my best without expecting to be rewarded for it. In work, but also in personal relationships.
  24. Figure out how much I need to be paid to feel powerful in my life / secure in my finances.
  25. Do that 365 photo project.
  26. Write in a journal again.
  27. Visit NY / CT. To see friends, sister.
  28. Visit FL. To see brother.
  29. Pay video late fees. Establish better habits when renting movies. One at a time and always returned on time.
  30. Be a better daughter, sister, and friend by staying in better touch with those who are far away. Letters, email, phone calls. Empowering myself in relationships that I avoid (mother-daughter) embracing relationships that I enjoy and cherish, but can be time consuming (brother-sister) and preserving relationships that I hold dear and could fizzle through time (friend-friend).
In other words, I want to:
  • Be more feminine
  • Be more organized
  • Secure my finances
  • Strengthen myself - physically through healthy consumption and activities, and mentally by learning to value my self worth.


  1. I'll try to comment more later on these two lengthy posts, but let me just say now-don't let anybody fool you: turning 30 is the worst thing that will ever happen to you. Ever.

  2. I know. I know. Who am I kidding. You've been warning me for years now. Was it Stuart Smiley that once said, "Denial ain't just a river in Egypt." Ignoring it wont make it go away. In less than 10 months all you'll hear about is my broken hip, cataracts, or an upcoming triple bi-pass surgery. Do you think buying a Harley and dating a pre-teen would help smooth things over?

  3. No, it's much worse than that. You'll start watching Everybody Loves Raymond, listening to Billy Joel and using phrases like "Okey-Dokey" and "You betcha!"

    Oh, and pre-teen?