If you haven't already, I highly recommend downloading Hotel Chevalier from itunes. It's free, only 12 minutes long, and pretty great in a beautifully painful sort of way. I really had absolutely no interest in seeing The Darjeeling Limited (I'm less impressed with every film Wes Anderson makes- I know, I'm a snob.) but this prologue may have changed my mind. It was shot two years ago, before Wes Anderson, Jason Schwartzman, and Roman Coppola developed the characters for the movie. My feeling is still that "Chevalier" is the perfect format for Wes Anderson: free and 12 mins. long.
Gawd, I really am a snob.

Music from Hotel Chevalier:
Peter Sarstedt song, "Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)" (not the Right Said Fred version)

A Fine French piano impressionist:

Semi-related / inspired:


Joe Dassin:

Children's choir and whistling??:

Okay, enough:

No Mark Mothersbaugh for "The Darjeeling Limited" which at first I was disappointed about, but maybe it's a good thing. - Less of a distraction?:

“This Time Tomorrow” - The Kinks
“Debussy: 3. Clair de Lune” - Claude De Bussy
“Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)” - Peter Sarstedt
“Strangers”- The Kinks
“Symphony No. 7 in A, OP. 92″ Written by Ludwig Van Beethoven
“Symphony No. & in A OP. 92. Il Allegretto” Written by Ludwig Van Beethoven
“Champs Elysees (aka Waterloo Road)” - Joe Dassin
“Play with Fire”- The Rolling Stones
“Powerman"- The Kinks


  1. I might have worn myself out with the comment below. I'll try to think of something snobby to write.

  2. After thinking about it, I decided I don't really have anything too snobby to say about Wes Anderson. Sure, he's twee and over-rated, too interested/immersed in upper-class white prilege; and I wish people would pay as much attention to, say, Charles Burnett as they do to him, but he's alright. (As an aside, my mom refers to "The Life Aquatic..." as "Aquaman.")
    Okay, that said, I don't have any interest in seeing his new movie. Everything I've seen or read about it makes it sound like it's full of nothing but the precious, quirky moments without anything else more substantial. Perhaps that's not true. But it still looks mediocre.
    And I can't bring myself to watch the short either, but i think that's more a matter of format.
    The movie screen is the format of engagement; I can watch long, difficult works at the theater and not fidget.

    The television is too small to register the subtleties of a good film, and with so many channels, and commercial breaks, it is the format of the restless. I can watch something absorbing and plot-driven (this indludes sports) on TV, but not the abstract or poetic.

    The computer is the format of ADHD. The screen is too small, there are too many other distractions (itunes, solitaire, unsavory websites (which reminds me, regarding below: which unsavory websites were you looking at? Anything worth checking out?)) to allow me to pay attention for very long. Youtube, with it's 30 second clips, hasn't helped. I can watch something on the internet for three minutes max without stopping to do something else.

    All of which is too say, I'll wait till the short comes out on DVD.

  3. Don't worry about seeing the entire film. The short is really all you need. isak's comments pretty much nail down the movie and why you don't really need to see it.

  4. Now I totally want to see it.

    Just to play devil's advocate.

  5. Rumor has it that Portman does full-frontal in the short; true? And if it is, why did you fail to mention this?

  6. Oh jeez. I just left the comment about you taming the dirty old man side of you and then I read this. Yes. Yes she gets naked. But it's just as stylized as anything else he does. Not necessarily titillating. Which is a good transition for her I'd think. Unlike Katie Holmes' first nudity shot in that movie the gift. Although, shesh, guess Ms. Cruise has done just fine for herself after all.

  7. To thine ownself be true. And in fairness, I'm just very curious to see famous people--okay, famous women--naked. For example, I hear that Dawn Weiner gets naked in Hostel 2 and I'm equally curious to see that as I am to see Portman. Hmmm, perhaps I've said too much.

  8. Honestly, seeing Dawn Weiner naked in a horror film sounds much more exciting than N.P. in this. I didn't even know she was in that movie, let alone that she gets naked. Thanks. Have you seen Eastern Promises yet?

  9. Yeah, I guess I'm more interested in seeing Dawn Weiner naked too. With N.P. I have a good idea what things will look like; not so much with D.W.

    Eastern Promises was great.