What do I get?

I happened upon them at the right place at the right time. I needed someone to sing to me that it was okay to want to wanna be in love. And to complain about not getting it. And to do so (want/complain) in a loud and fast, unyielding, penetrating, upfront way.

They're melodic, but biting and snide. Energetic, but not angry. Funny but still anguished. Intense but easy to listen to. -In my opinion, the Buzzcocks are one of the best punk bands ever. Unfortunately I wonder if they might be one of the most influential too.

I work with this precious dweeby-indie eighteen year old and he was complaining that he hated Pearl Jam because they influenced all these other bands that he really hates. Yeah, maybe without the Buzzcocks maybe there wouldn't be obnoxious San Diego brats whining about not getting laid with droopy drawers and their ball caps cocked to the side. (don't get me started) But there probably wouldn't be the Smoking Popes, Red Kross or (haha) Magazine either.

I was lucky enough to see the Buzzcocks play on Friday (thanks Mac!), and they absolutely tore it up. Smiling sweaty loud fun fun fun! I have to admit I was a little worried it might be a little on the depressing side. But they were sooo great One thing about every reunion show I've been to -bands wouldn't still be doing it if they didn't enjoy it, and they have little to prove, other than that they still enjoy it.


  1. I actually prefer Magazine to the Buzzcocks.

  2. It's because you're more complex than I am. (i.e. more academic)

  3. Is this your nice way or saying I'm a haughty snob? Because I'm certainly not academic.

  4. I love that Moon made it to that show with us.