I'll admit it, I didn't know a thing about M.I.A.'s music until she cut her hair and I wanted to know who that hot girl was. (really embarassing) And then I heard her new album, which is freakin' fantastic - probably the only live act that I would get super excited about at ACL this year. She reminds me of another girl crush of mine mixed with these lovely ladies and some peaches on top.

Here's a top 10 of other female musicians that have released some pretty great music in the past 6 months or so and are also, golly, idunno, HOT.
Sorta cheating, but with re-issues...
  • Sonic Youth
  • Francoise Hardy
Please add to this!


  1. I've never heard Feist but I think I might hate her. I get the impression that she's another "adult alternative" VH1-you-outta-know, KT Turbuckle, three-lit'le-birds-sat-by-the-window, "eclectic" boring blah.

    On the other hand, I haven't heard, Au Revoir Simone either and I think I might love them. They have a good name, they have a good record cover, and they're all cute and dainty in a vaguely French nouveau vague sort of way. Then again, maybe they're just a trio of Williamsburg trustafarians living out their post-college (Bard or Sarah Lawrence maybe) "boho" dreams before they go on to become productive members of the bourgeoisie.

    I don't know if they're hot, or if the album came out within the last six months, but I thought that recent White Magic album was good.

    Karen Dalton wasn't exactly know for her pulchritude, but her second album was recently reissued and it's good too.

    Ceelebration are my new favorite band. They have an new album coming out soon, so we'll count them.

    And didn't one of the chicks from, ahem, HSM just put out an album? I bet that's great!

  2. I'm taking Feist off right now.
    She was on the bottom for a reason. Her music is very "nic harcourt bleh". And I think she's pretty, but not hot. I just needed someone to make it 10.

    I really like White Magic's music. But her looks are too, i dunno, "gwyneth paltrow yawn". Not hot enough.

    I agree about au revoir simone, they've got a great press kit, but there's a reason my links were 3 photos no myspace.

    I think Karen Dalton has a winsomeness that is pretty close to "hot". But her music hasn't spoken to me yet. I prefer the first generation (Nina Simone) or the third (Devendra Banhart) and without the pedal steel blues twang.

    Celebration (ha ha Isak you misspelled a word.) sight unseen, is being added. Her voice is so smokin' hot that she'd have to have a hairlip and graves' disease to wipe her off the list.(and maybe not even then)

    And lastly, you, my friend- until you see HSM, (which you should snag from Kim's this weekend) should be very careful. I think you'll really like it. And then who'll be laughing?

    Thank you for your comment! I was wondering if this post was going to go completely ignored.

  3. I wouldn't remove Feist personally. I think her new record is pretty enjoyable - more so than anything I've heard from Au Revoir Simone.

    But let's focus on the task at hand - female musicians who have had releases in the past 6 months that are either A) great releases, B) smokin hot or C) a combination.

    There are those that would say that Tegan and Sara have a certain allure to them - in an indie butch sort of way.

    Mary Timony just put out another album and she's always had a special place in my pants with her mostly sad mid-90's indie rocker look (yes please).

    Stars new album is good stuff and while not an entirely female band Amy Millan does what she can to bring the hotness factor to the stage.

    Emily Haines = super hot and just put out a great new EP addendum to her Knives Don't Have Your Back album. This should be a chart topper.

    Rilo Kiley.. eh.. never cared for the music but Jenny Lewis appeals to many.

    Blonde Redhead / Deerhoof - sound very different but they have the asian ladies so I'll lump them together.

    See more suggestions of ladies here in the comments

  4. Check out the pic of Celebration. Ms Ford is totally making a fuck-me face. Plus, you can see her dirty pillows.

    Jessica, you keep forgetting that I am neither a homosexual theater dork nor an 11 year old girl. Thus, any enjoyment I might receive from watching peppy teenage girls dance around is best left unspoken. Besides, I'd probably be fired for renting it

  5. how is jens lekman a hot girl exactly? cause has a hot girl backing band when he plays live? seems sketchy to me.

    but i'm happy to see the brunettes and sunday sinners in the list. i might also recommend for your consideration charlotte gainsbourg and the pipettes (a full-on trio of hotness no less!).